The Red Dog Casino cashier is easy to navigate, safe and secure and contains a huge selection of depositing and withdrawal options. As USA real money slots and games players are welcome to enjoy the action it means all options are valid for US residents and many will use their Visa, Pre-Paid Visa or MasterCard when depositing however there are other options such as gift cards, Neosurf and Bitcoin.

When making your Red Dog deposits using a major credit card you'll see that the minimum deposit amount is just $30 however when using a gift card it’s only $25, with bitcoin it’s $20 and for even smaller deposits then the great Neosurf option allows for just $10 minimums. The maximum deposit amount with credit card is $1,000 and with bitcoin it’s a whopping $2,500 and between them these options allow all players easy deposits however when using bitcoin and Neosurf you'll receive an extra 20% on top of the regular bonus amount, meaning you'll want to be checking those options out.

Payout Options

There are many ways in which you may cashout your Red Dog winnings. Players that have made their deposits via Visa or MasterCard may request payments back onto the same card and all withdrawals are fee free. You may also request a bank wire which is perfect for those big Red Dog wins however the fastest payout option is that of bitcoin and many new Red Dog players are embracing this convenient, safe and fast method.

Welcome To Red Dog Casino – A New Type Of Dog

Red Dog Casino is a relatively new online casino that specializes in top tier slot and table games. In order to gain the fasted access to them, there are multiple ways for you to bank and get your deposit in.

Many Ways To Bank With The Dog

Nobody knows it better than Red Dog Casino, that you can’t win unless you get in. Make no mistake about it, there are many ways for you to bank here at Red Dog Casino. The usual and tried and true way, are through credit and debit cards. Before you can use the credit and debit cards, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. You will need to provide proof of residence and identification.

You can use gift cards as well as Neosurf. Bitcoin is another option. Bitcoin is the world’s number one crypto currency in more ways than one. Bitcoin is a purely digital currency, so you don’t have to worry about using or going through any banks. Instead, all you need with Bitcoin is a valid Bitcoin wallet. There are many of them out on the market, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding one that you need. Once you have chosen one, just convert some funds. Keep in mind that there are minimum withdrawal requests.

Getting Your Money

And of course, when you are ready to receive your well deserved winnings, that won’t be any problem at all. All you have to do is head to the cashier to initiate the process. The next step is to choose your method, and the amount. When it comes to the methods, you can once more rely on credit and debit cards. There is no fee associated with this method. To receive your funds, you need to wait between three to four business days. The minimum withdrawal request is $150, and the maximum withdrawal request at one time, is $2,500.

You can also depend on bank wire. Bank wire takes the longest to receive. In fact, it can take up to five business days. The minimum request is $150 and the maximum per request, is $2,500. There are no fees involved with it. Bitcoin is another option to receive your well deserved winnings. The minimum request is $150. It can take between one to three business days to get your hands on.

Account Verification and Support

Before any withdrawal request may be processed your Red Dog account will need to be verified and this one time task means sending the support team a copy of photo ID such as a passport of drivers license, as well as a copy of the credit card you made your deposits with, should you have used that method. At anytime you need help when requesting a payout or withdrawal then the support team will gladly assist and they’re easily connected with via toll free phone, email or live chat.